5enses: The importance of community


Last week I attended a thought-provoking presentation at the Ferry Building entitled The Shifting Scene of the Art Market. The 5 panelists were Cori Creed, Alison Keller curator at Winsor Gallery, Carole Arnston and Chris Tyrell.

They discussed the changing art scene with respect to the market and social media, what strategies they used to further their careers, the importance yet lack of art education and the value of not only blogging your process but also networking and building communities to share the load and create momentum.

As you know I paint and exhibit with a group called the 5enses, so these last words rang true. They reinforced the positivity and good karma that we 5 ladies feel we achieve by working and creating as a group.

Here we are critiquing each others’ work and putting together a proposal for our next show!


Who is your community and what benefits do you draw from it?


2 thoughts on “5enses: The importance of community

  1. Very interesting post. I also find some benefits in being in a community of artists since I rented my studio at 195 studios-artists on Pemberton. When I was painting from my home it was working well but I would feel more lonely, as now I feel I am part of a group. We are exchanging tips and ideas, and we are organizing exhibitions as a group. Also I find it easier to market us a s a group than when I try to market a solo exhibition, I have less restraint :-)We are not yet doing group critiques, that might come in the future, but are giving feed back when asked to for sure. Great painting at the top by the way !Sandrine

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