A colorful summer of road trips and new beginnings


It’s been a fabulous summer! Time for family, for self, for vistas of all sorts, for sun-drenched afternoons, and for replenishing the well!

Amidst the flurry of end-of-the-school year I set off on a 5-week-long road trip with my son, through the ochre wheat fields and vast blue skies of the prairies to the pink-rocked Canadian Shield and the deep pthalo Great Lakes. We went as far as Montreal to visit family and old friends and then moseyed our way back through the blazing heat of South Dakota, the lush green hills of Wyoming and cool forests of Montana. Audio books, music and soulful chatter were our companions. The well began to fill.

Then beautiful Westcoast August was replete with delicious hours of reading curled up in the early morning sun, peaceful walks on the seawall, late afternoon card games, and loads of luscious berries and backyard green salads. And now the well is almost full as I re-enter the freshly cleaned studio and the back-to-school routine unfolds. 

Look for some of my Balancing Time works at Karen Unger-Strickland’s Bird on a Wire Creation art shop at Main and Broadway in Vancouver and in mid-September at Portico Gallery in Squamish.

What color was your summer?


2 thoughts on “A colorful summer of road trips and new beginnings

  1. Hi SaraI finally figured out how to respond to your Blog – DAH? I really like this last painting posted on your blog today – did you title it yet? Is it also at Bird on a Wire? I couldn’t remember……Also just checked out Margaret Glew – I love her stuff too!Looking forward to potluck lunch and Cityscape opening……Lori

  2. Thanks Lori… this one is called "Let’s take the long way home" and is sitting at home, not at Bird on a Wire, yet!! Happy painting!!

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