Meeting a kindred spirit on FB


Having just recently returned home after an exhilirating cross-Canada road trip with my son, I am just now ready to re-embark into the world of social media! And what a world this is, for without FB I might never have chatted, let alone met Margaret Glew!

This summer while in Toronto for one day only I explored the Art Gallery of Ontario for 5 hours, absorbed in the huge abstract works in the Abstract Expressionist NY show, marvelled at the Tom Thomson and Group of 7 works and discovered the delicate drawings of David Milne. I loved every moment…and I don’t think it was because I’d been driving for a week to get there!!

However what truly excited me about my 9 hours in the big city was my visit to a new friend’s home studio. Margaret’s work caught my eye on FB about eight months ago and after messaging back and forth over the months decided to connect in person and it was like magic!

We chatted for a bit in her sun-filtered living room and then crept down the stairs to the basement where she spends long hours in the unfinished space with her large 5’x7′ canvases propped on the brick wall and her squished tubes of oil paint waiting to be used! She is currently working with oranges and reds and grays (my favorites!) and it excites me just thinking about her works now! We talked about community, technique, history, and getting our work out there. She’s a wonderful person and an incredible artist! Thank you thank you thank you!


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