Close quarters


Close Quarters…the name of one of my latest pieces…also the cosy feeling I will have with my son as we head out on our cross-country road trip to the east! We leave tomorrow and we are so excited!!

When we did our family trip around the world 4 years ago, to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt and parts of Europe, he astutely said at the age of 10: I’d like to see more of Canada mom! So off we go to see more of our beautiful and big country…in close quarters!


And the beauty of a road trip like ours is we’ll have Pockets of Time, to chat, to listen to audio-books and music, and to see the vastness of the Prairies and the Canadian Shield, the height and beauty of the Rockies and the thousands of lakes in Ontario!

So join us as we capture these moments of summer in photos…posting might be haphazard, but the beauty will be evident!

What are your summer adventure plans?


2 thoughts on “Close quarters

  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful trip ahead of you, Sara! Please remember to try and drop by – we are in the rural area of Oliver! Email me for details – we have Liam, at 14, a pool and my studio – what more could you ask for?

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