My connection to the Venice Biennale

It was clear to me this past week of the win-win effect of being a member of the 5enses. This is a painting group to which I belong of 5 women who paint and exhibit together, support, critique and encourage each other on our artistic journey. Its amazing to have such kindred spirits with whom I can travel through time!



Mena Martini, the littlest and wisest of the group, is away in Italy right now for a solo show of her work in her hometown of Campoletizia.




Mena, Andrea Padovani and Davide Pan were chosen to create a 5-minute video of their work which will play on a loop along with the videos of close to 200 other Italian artists from around the world in the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. This is a great honor and wonderful exposure!

In conjunction with this, the three artists were selected to take part in the Vancouver’s Italians at the Venice Biennale.


Because Mena was away, she asked me if I would help hang her artwork in Vancouver at the Italian Institute. I abliged and had a great day with the help of Andrea Padovani who generously helped with the ladder, the fittings, and the display! Here is one of my favorite’s of his paintings hanging at the Institute for the show.



As Mena could not be at the reception last Thursday, I stepped in for her, read her speech (which luckily was in English!) and enjoyed the delicious wine, Parmaggiano cheese, italian cold cuts and olives and even had my picture taken with the other artists for the Italian newspaper!

A fun evening with new friends and art lovers. Un abbraccio colletivo, a warm hug to you all!



3 thoughts on “My connection to the Venice Biennale

  1. Way to go 5 senses! I have to agree with you, ‘Fresh Paint’ is gorgeously executed, love the shadow effect of her paintings! Just lovely! That is a beautiful representation of coastal water from Mena! Makes me want more! I am so coming for a visit next time I am in Vancouver!!!

  2. Thanks for the comments ladies, always great to hear from you!Andrea Padovani is a man…I made that mistake too…those italian names!We do look forward to a visit from you at some point Susan πŸ™‚

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