Finding a home


Creating something beautiful, meaningful, be it art, food, music, poetry, anything, involves taking risks and exposing yourself: expressing feelings, thoughts, experiences. The work is part of you. A piece of you from a point in time in your life. Its magical and spiritual, sometimes daunting and scary.

Once complete it is up for viewing, tasting, enjoying, critiquing, and in some cases selling! To find the new owner however can be trying because the chances of connecting your work, that piece of you, to someone who “gets it” might take a day, or your next show, or a long time, and might never happen. It happened for me this weekend!

And it happened in a way that surprised me! I had created these flowers in the summer of 2009. It was the biggest piece (36×48) I’d ever done…I loved it! It sat on my mantle, made me smile, made me happy! I showed it that fall, then again the next summer, then that fall, twice. People seemed to love it. One lady sat under it in the cafe for an hour…but no sale.

Then last weekend when I was exhibiting some new work, someone came up to me and said “Wow, these are really nice but…do you still have those big flowers?” And just like that it happened! She came to my home yesterday, I showed her my studio and a lot of other works which she really liked…and she sat in front of my flowers and she said I would love to buy them!


4 thoughts on “Finding a home

  1. Great story, Sara! Finding the right home is so rewarding – sounds like you found the right person and she’ll enjoy for many years to come!

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