Connecting to others through art and social media


Gone are the days of the lonely solo journey as an artist.  With social media connections to other artists, art enthusiasts and potential buyers can occur on twitter and facebook, at art crawls, sales and in galleries. So much fun and so enriching!

This weekend was a perfect example of my ever developing life as an artist. First there was the Spring Art Sale which offered many interactions with fellow artists, young families, and art enthusiasts. I had encouraging remarks, smiles and, though not a sale, some definite interest in my abstracts which were nestled in and amongst the mostly realistic work produced by the North Shore Artists’ Guild’s artists. Although over the years I have had some sales at these and similar events put on by the Guild, most of what sells tends to be more representational. I do feel, however, that there is still a benefit to exhibiting my abstract works. Perhaps over time the viewer’s eye might just get accustomed to the incomplete or non-concrete beauty of abstract work.

After working at the sale in the morning, I came home and wanted to paint some more, so into the studio I went. Then when I needed a break I hopped onto Facebook to see what was new and “found” a beautiful abstract artist Barbara Nerenz-Kelley with whom I started corresponding, who then led me to two others I love: Charlotte Foust,  and Audrey Phillips. What a great way to spend the day connecting and creating.

And the weekend wasn’t over yet…Sunday I happened upon another abstract artist on Twitter Tom Hlas whose work and blog posts kept me intrigued for quite some time. Then in the afternoon I headed up Squamish to the opening of a new gallery called Portico where I met co-owners artist Linda Bachman and jewelry artist Susan Remnant and exhibitors Toby Jaxon, Zoe Evamy and bought a beautiful bird sculpture from artist Greg Kawczynski. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging!  It was great to connect and exchange information and ideas. We’ve extended invitations to each others’ studios and opened the possibility for exhibiting.

See how much fun it is to be an active artist…meeting new friends both live and over the internet waves! Have you connected with someone new lately?


2 thoughts on “Connecting to others through art and social media

  1. Hi Sara, thanks for posting about active artists! There is nothing like tuning into the artists that you admire and love and in turn sharing with other artists. I quite enjoyed your introduction to the very talanted Barbara Nerenz-Kelley and I will look forward to reading about the others. All outstanding artists! Sounds like you had a great day!

  2. I also really enjoyed Charlotte’s work which is so refreshing! A whimsical collage artist with extremely talented abstract work as well – a girl after my own heart! I can really relate to her work and will continue to follow! Thanks!

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