Abstracts on paper again


Had a great visit with some fellow artists Barbara Ann Scott and Helen Webster on Friday in Nanaimo at the opening of their show Counterpoint at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. I met them last fall during a workshop with Steven Aimone who got us to loosen up in our abstract work by painting large on paper. These ladies exhibited some of that work after having mounted the pieces on canvas or board. They look fabulous!

With that inspiration, I pulled out my paper today, glazed it with matte medium and started into a large 48 x 48 piece that will hopefully be part of an exhibition I am proposing with 12 of the artists from that workshop. We had such a fun time connecting, as women with similar interests tend to do, pushing ourselves outside our usual box with loads of paint and a clear mind, trying not to think too much, and just feel our way to a satisfying painting! This one is still in the works as I haven’t veiled enough of the chaos yet 🙂 Definitely keeps with my Balancing Time series though!


One thought on “Abstracts on paper again

  1. This painting is just wonderful – looking at it makes me feel not just happy and contented but i want to be there – in it. If I could live there I would. Nice work!

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