From abstracts to flowers


I painted petals all weekend! Something I haven’t done in a long time! Must have been the combination of watching Cori Creed paint her landscape last week, the tulips popping up everywhere on a beautiful Vancouver weekend and the fact that I’ll be showing my flower series in Montreal this summer, so I want to add a few to the collection!

I must admit it was strange trying to capture something more realistic after painting abstract for over a year! At first I felt more restricted, engrossed in details and trying to get it “right” as opposed to the freedom I feel when I paint from emotions and feelings in my abstracts. However as the weekend rolled along with the smell of spring in the air and the blue sky and green grass off-setting the reds and yellows of the tulips on my lawn I realized I paint with emotion and feeling in my more realistic pieces too and so loosened up and really enjoyed the journey of balancing colors and shapes.

I find that what has changed for me over time since I last painted more realistically is that the influence of the repeated motif, rhythm, emotion that I use in my abstracts feeds back into the way I approach a painting with flowers.  In the end I use the colors I love and so the feelings I emit in the painting really resonate with me.


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