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May 2011

Springtime flowers for sale everywhere!

Finally feels like spring is here and flowers are everywhere! On Thursday I went to my friend Shirley William's first solo show where flowers (and nests) were beautifully rendered in oils and acrylics and buyers were buzzing everywhere! Here is a ...

Finding a home

Creating something beautiful, meaningful, be it art, food, music, poetry, anything, involves taking risks and exposing yourself: expressing feelings, thoughts, experiences. The work is part of you. A piece of you from a point in time in your life....

Connecting to others through art and social media

Gone are the days of the lonely solo journey as an artist. With social media connections to other artists, art enthusiasts and potential buyers can occur on twitter and facebook, at art crawls, sales and in galleries. So much fun and so enriching!...

Abstracts on paper again

Had a great visit with some fellow artists Barbara Ann Scott and Helen Webster on Friday in Nanaimo at the opening of their show Counterpoint at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. I met them last fall during a workshop with Steven Aimone who got us to loose...

From abstracts to flowers

I painted petals all weekend! Something I haven't done in a long time! Must have been the combination of watching Cori Creed paint her landscape last week, the tulips popping up everywhere on a beautiful Vancouver weekend and the fact that I'll be...

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