Making connections at the North Shore Art Crawl


This past weekend was all about making connections. It was the inaugural North Shore Art Crawl in Vancouver and the 5enses, the group of 5 female artists I belong to, took part at 2 different venues. I spent Saturday with Catherine Fields‘ in her studio where I paint once a week and Sunday at Mena Martini‘s studio.

It was a chance to meet other artists interested in what we are doing, the different media we use, how we mount the paper we paint on, and the various drawing tools with which we like to experiment. We had long chats with wannabe-artists who had never put brush to canvas but always wanted to or finally had the time. We discussed the goings on of our group, the critique sessions we have, the weekly painting we do, the monthly meetings to get us organized for a potential show or proposal, the camaraderie and the support. We also met curators who are interested in our work as a group and potential clients, not quite ready to buy, but definitely intrigued by what we do, who now know how to find us.

All in all it was a fun weekend that my art-business gurus Rebecca Coleman and Alyson Stanfield would be proud to know that we were making connections with others, building relationships based on trust; Trusting that opening our studios, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and showing our work might some day lead to more…


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