One of my mentors chatting about process


Suzanne Northcott was one of my first teachers, certainly one who has had a lasting impression on me. She is a beautiful person and a wonderful artist and inspires me every time we “meet”. She has been painting for more than 30 years and has been teaching for many and just over the weekend I found these video-interviews with her which have helped me understand my process as an artist. They talk to her different stages of process, from the seed or imagination stage, through absorption, observation and research, to the creation and unfolding of the material-result, the work, which includes the letting-go, the let-it-happen and BE on the canvas part. She is eloquent, patient, and full of wisdom in my eyes.

And she will help me once again get on track (after this spring break break!) to stay focussed and centered on what I am trying to develop. I hope you enjoy the videos!



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