Creating abstracts


I love color and I love muted tones, I love starting a painting with no real idea of where it will lead me. I put marks on the paper or canvas and revel in the unknown journey I’m about to start, letting the line and the color and the paint or pencil or charcoal lead the way. I step back every now and then to see where I am, what I like and also what I’m not to keen on and then dive back in with 3 brushes in one hand, loads of paint ready to be mixed and applied to the paper or canvas. That is where I find joy, where I am happiest, seeing what develops, how I deal with parts that make me question what I’m doing, and then free up those spaces, veil them so they don’t clutter up the work. 

A powerful force behind my current musing was the course I took last fall with Steven Aimone on The Spiritual Language of Art. Steven is a very inspirational teacher who sent me on an artistic journey of self-discovery. I feel his course changed the way I paint and explore abstract art. Here is a great video to watch of him teaching! Another “process” artist I admire who collaborates with Steven is Krista Harris, watch her in action! 






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