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February 2011

Re thinking balance

I realized something the other day regarding my issues about balancing my art "life" with all the other things I need to manage as a mom, wife, friend etc. All my experiences can be funneled back into my art, can be considered opportunities for gr...

David Tycho’s show

Went to see David Tycho's opening at Petley-Jones Gallery last night ( this one the most, though all his open spaces, colors and big brush strokes were great to see! Check it out.

Rhythm and balance

Reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit makes me realize that in order to achieve the balance i crave, I need to create structure, scheduling in my time in the studio and on the computer to update my sites and blog as they are just as important a...


Today is a day for balance, creating time for me in the midst of the ever changing, challenging world of motherhood, teenagers, body and health, and friends and family. Love life!

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